March 14th, 2012

Your Thoughts During a Plane Crash

We have this bucket list, we have these things we want to do in life, and I thought about all the people I wanted to reach out to that I didn’t, all the fences I wanted to mend, all the experiences I wanted to have and I never did.”

Where do you think your thoughts would go during a plane crash?

It gives me great satisfaction that I’ve tried to mend the fences I wanted to mend. Do you have an actual bucket list – something you’ve written down? Have you set any dates to any of it with intention?

And I regretted the time I wasted on things that did not matter with people that matter.And I thought about my relationship with my wife, with my friends, with people. And after, as I reflected on that, I decided to eliminate negative energy from my life. It’s not perfect, but it’s a lot better. I’ve not had a fight with my wife in two years. It feels great. I no longer try to be right; I choose to be happy.”